About Afforestt:


Afforestt is a service provider for creating natural, wild, maintenance free, native forests. At Afforestt, we work passionately on and off-site to provide the best solutions at the lowest possible cost.


Started in January 2011, Afforestt is a for profit social enterprise on a mission to bring back our native forests.


Our mission is to bring back our lost forests, we do it by creating them.


Meet the Team


We are a small team of 11 people based out of Bangalore and New Delhi in India. We love what we do and who we do it with.


Sunny Verma, Executive Director


Sundar A Padmanabhan, Director-Operations


Cynthia Sinclair, Communications


Saleem Ahmed, Senior Project Coordinator


Gaurav Gurjar, Execution Support


Himanshu Arteev, Consultant, Forest Design and landscaping


Md. Waseem, Site Supervisor


Navendu Sharma, Project Coordinator


Adeel Arshi, Project Coordinator


Md. Irrfan, Site Supervisor


Saran Srinivasan, Office Admin


Shubhendu Sharma, Founder and Director


Natural Urban Forests - Seattle, USA

Urban Forest - Karachi, Pakistan

Afforestar - Santiago, Chile

Forest Creators - Bombay, India

Masaleh Sabz Apadana - Tehran, Iran