Online Training


Online training is to help individuals make a small patch of forest on their own.


Time: 4 hours X 2 days


Objective of the training is to help the participants learn the Miyawaki method by understanding:


  • The ethos
  • Standard Operating Procedures (through documents and photographs)

  • The journey of Afforestt (our expertise, experiences and challenges)


    Terms and conditions:


  • This training is offered selectively, based on a 'Statement of Intent' submitted to Afforestt by people who are interested, followed by a phone/skype call. The selection will be based on background (personal and professional) of participants and scope of practical application of the training.

  • Preference will be given to individuals with little or no experience in similar work, and/or owners of very small land areas (100-200 square meters) waiting to be afforested.

  • Number of trainings offered per month are limited to 4/5.

  • The training is not offered to large corporations or groups.

  • Video based high speed internet essential.

  • The training will have limited scope for outdoor/field work and is more theory based.

  • Depending on the needs of the participant(s), the trainer(s) will either keep the module generic or site specific (via video conferencing).

  • The training is an interactive, conversation based collaborative exercise between the trainer(s) and the participant(s).

  • The Miyawaki method challenges most conventional schools of thought on plantation and afforestation, hence participants are required to be extremely open minded.

  • Afforestt's scope of work here is limited to remote guidance only.


    Day 1


    (Total 240 mins)


    40 mins: Introduction to the Miyawaki method; its advantages and achievements

    30 mins: Sequence of Activities

    35 mins: Virtual site visit and design

    35 mins: Preparations - Pre afforestation on site activities

    60 mins: Soil and Amendments

    40 mins: Addressing key questions


    Day 2


    (Total 240 mins)


    60 mins: Species selection

    30 mins: Material (consumable and non consumable)

    30 mins: Compost case study

    60 mins: Forest creation (final execution)

    30 mins: Maintenance and Monitoring

    30 mins: Final wrap up


    The course includes:


    - Live dedicated online training with an expert from Aforestt.

    - Soft copies of all SOP documents

    - Soft copies of important Project Management documents

    - Soft copies of reports, species lists and plans from past projects of Afforestt


    Course Fee


    $500 USD, to be paid in advance.


    If interested, send us your brief profile and a 'Statement of Intent' (150-200 words) on Mention 'Online Training' in the subject line.


    Please find the Online Training schedule below: