Onsite Demo


Onsite Demo is to help individuals make a small patch of forest using Afforestt's on ground support.


This option is available only to people who have attended the Afforestt Online Training program.


If you have attended the Afforestt online training and need our assistance to create a demo-patch of 100 square meters, then here’s what you need to do:


1) Prepare the site as per the training.


2) Organize all the biomass.


3) Organize saplings, other materials, manpower and machinery.


4) Invite an Afforestt representative who will stay with you on-site and help you create the demo patch.


How will this help you?


1) You will practically implement everything learned during the online training.


2) This first forest patch will be your “proof of concept” and could become the showcase project that helps you find more potential sites and opportunities to create more such forests.


3) Identify strengths and areas of improvement for future projects, for e.g., most suitable species, input costs, local suppliers and feasibility.


4) Utilize practical knowledge and expertise of the Afforestt representative present with you on-site.


5) If the demo forest is being created in a region/city where Afforestt has worked before, then you will get access to the available species lists, research/documentation done and supplier contacts.


Terms and Conditions:


1) You should have a piece of land - 100 square meters readily available.


2) Minimum requirements – running water, fencing, exposure to sunlight and maintenance staff for watering and deweeding.


3) Only the trainee(s) should be present on-site. Additional people present will only include the manpower involved.


4) There will be no deviation from the methodology.


5) The species research and soil analysis is to be done by the trainee as per the online training attended, with limited assistance from Afforestt.


6) The final approval to on-site demo is subject to how well prepared the trainees are, in terms of, site-readiness, material, manpower and machine availability. The preparations will be vetted by Afforestt before giving their approval to helping with the demo. This will be done over phone and email.


7) Afforestt’s involvement will be limited only to guidance and knowledge sharing. Actual creation of the demo patch will be supervised and led by the trainee.


8) The entire duration i.e. 2 days will be focused on creating a perfect 100 square meter forest. No presentations, workshops, talks or sessions will be a part of demo forest creation.


9) Return airfare, local travel and accommodation is to be arranged by the trainee.


10) 100% fee is to be paid as advance.


Duration: 2 days


Cost: 2,000 USD